Mixed feelings about the Highlanders Legends initiative

“For the record, they are former players and not legends.” commented a Highlanders FC life-member who requested anonymity, adding, “They are a dull group of people who fight amongst themselves due to the generation gap. How do they put Rahman in their executive, and how do you discuss Bosso issues with a Platinum employee?”

There has been interesting opinions and feelings about FOHIPA and its mission, after former Highlanders Football Club players came together as the Bosso Legends forming an association headed by Tito Paketh and Rahman Gumbo. Basically, thestake-holding public gave it a thumbs up, given they have a Funeral Plan in lace and they are working on the Medical Scheme.

Many fans in the diaspora were encouraged that they will be able to contribute by online payment when everything has fallen into place. “I believe they will come in handy to the assistance of the club because Highlanders is a brand and a very big brand that needs to be unlocked and the potential is amazing.”

One ardent footballer was also impressed and said, “I think a former players union was going to be a good idea but should have been a universal body to cater Eagles, Zimbabwe Saints,Amazulu and Railstars former players. In this way, these smaller clubs do not have to form rival clicks and the bigger Bulawayo players union would have bigger fan and support base, not that Bosso needs it, but other former legends do. .Good luck to the Bosso boys.”

Faith Silandulo Dube was quoted saying “Evidently, this is a palpable concern by certain sections of people within the great Highlanders establishment and who want to see the best out of the team. I encourage the Legends to identify areas where they can best serve the Club both as individuals and legends. A lot of ideas are not new at Highlanders i.e funeral policy, running the club as a business, vibrant junior policy etc, but up to date they have just remained election manifestos.”

Bekezela Maduma Fuzwayo was impressed to see Mabeza coming through, pledging to support FOHIPA with whatever he could. “For any help guys can get in touch because they have our support.”

Sikhulile Tshuma also gave her support to the impressive idea, with Ngqabutho Sukawena saying, “I hope this time around we will turn around the fortunes of our team that has now for years been marred by greed and selfishness.”

One Precious was so overwhelmed only managing to retrieve yesteryear memories, “Oh those days when iBOSSO said ‘even if we play with Dynamos under water they will never defeat us. ‘Nguban’owayekhona mzwana kudlal’iBosso’. I remember this song, those days nearly every trophy was ours. Build up the team, it’s ours and we support you guys.”

From Mdu We Makokoba, “We will forever love to ride that Bosso train always. Keep up the good work. Let us continue to move the frontier further ahead. IBosso ngenkani yakudala.”

Marvel Nyathi; “This is a great initiative but can it be made public so that we may know what really is the essence of it and maybe people may engage and support it.”

Further words of encouragement and support came from Benjamin Khomba saying “Great minds from great players! All the best and you have our support.”

Brilliant Brics Ncube could only offer positive words, “Our greatest players will be helped financially and medically as well as funeral expenses. Let’s have football at heart, like Man U supporters who cheered their team after massacre by Man City. Love u ol Bosso family.” The same sentiments were also expressed by Delroy Thulani KaVodloza

Another anonymous was also impressed “That’s a great initiative. If handled properly it will change the face of The Club. Please keep us informed”.

A few people were at pains trying to give their opinion on Peter Ndlovu‘s Chairmanship, with one saying “With all due respect to the legend Peter Ndlovu, such a fine player during his time and an excellent gentleman off the field, administration, at least at this point should be off-limits for him. Technical department maybe yes. Administration, no no please.”

e-Diski emphasised that it was not Ndlovu’s idea but other legends, not FOHIPA, who were forwarding his name forward for the post.

There were comments about missing legends like Tapela Ngwenya Cyclon, Eugine Langa and Darlington Phiri,and hopefully, soon we will be able to tell you more about other legends. Watch out for the new series as we speak to the great sons of the game in “The Legend Has Spoken”

Your opinions and comments about this and other stories in these pages will be welcome.


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