The Legend Has Spoken; Lazying with Mzo

“I feel so sad that people were coming to watch a game of footie in the end they lost their lives living behind kids, wives, husbands, mothers and fathers.”

e-Diski caught up with one of Zimbabwe’s greatest goalkeepers of all time, rating alongside Peter Nkomo, John Sibanda, Japhet Mparusta, Phosani Sibanda, Lucky Dube and Johannes Tshuma to name a few.

eDiski: Lazy Mzo, Eita.

Muzondiwa Mugadza: Yebo yes.

e-Diski: Where do you live?

Lazy Mzoe: I am currently in the United Kingdom. I live in Coventry.

e-Diski: Do you have any family?

Lazy Mzoe: Yeah I do have a family.

e-Diski: What was your favourite nickname?

Lazy Mzoe: I had many nicknames but Lazy Mzoe will always stick out than many.

e-Diski: How did you get it?

Lazy Mzoe: It came from Lazy Sam jeans and I thought lazy Mzoe was cool. I started signing everything using lazy Mzoe unfortunately the name haunted me in a different way because people took it that I was lazy.

e-Diski: Do you like it, does it suit you?

Lazy Mzoe: Yeah. I didn’t like Tuesdays since it was a day for physical training and I loved my sleep big time I guess I was still growing and I needed that sleep so everyone just assumed I am lazy. In actually I am a hard-working someone and I am now making up for missing out on all those Tuesdays by running in the Gym.

e-Diski: When was your defining or breakthrough moment?

Lazy Mzoe: My break through was when I was given an opportunity to play the last two games of a season and it was against Black Rhinos and Dynamos on the same weekend in the capital. I came out with two clean sheets and I was voted the ‘Man of the Match‘ for the Dynamos game.

e-Diski: What was your memorable moment?

Lazy Mzoe: There are too many great moments in my career, including playing for the national teams and playing with great players.

e-Diski: What was the regrettable moment?

Lazy Mzoe: Honestly I hate to regret anything in football but when people lose their lives in a game that I was involved its sad. It kind of affected me. A few times I think about what happened on the day at the National Sports Stadium some years back, and feel so sad that people were coming to watch a game of footie in the end they lost their lives living behind kids, wives, husbands, mothers and fathers. My regret is maybe as a team we could have done better and myself as an individual I could have done better.

e-Diski: Who was your best teammate to play with?

Lazy Mzoe: I don’t think I can single pick one bloke because in all fairness in our industry it’s a team effort and I truly appreciated all the blokes I played with so i will say all were best to me both at club and at national level.

e-Diski: Who was your toughest opponent?

Lazy Mzoe: I guess every game had its dangers and I don’t remember any player giving me a hard time besides Kutinyu pulling
my shorts down one time and Mamba Chisoni grabbing my bag with my spare gloves thinking he might find juju, sadly there was nothing for him to find but it kind of distracted me in a way and I lost my concentration.

e-Diski: What did you do then?

Lazy Mzoe: I’m still mad at him, hahahaha. Just joking, I am cool with everyone really.

e-Diski: What do you think of the game today?

Lazy Mzoe: Obvious the game back in Zim took a turn for worse when the economy started to down spiral and a lot of people who pumped money
into the game took a back seat looking at a game which didn’t return anything to their fat wallets and Zifa didn’t do any favours to the game because they didn’t gain trust from the cooperate world. Not being critical to anyone but I feel the game in Zim has decayed. The only positive now is we have a few boys who have crossed the borders and some have crossed seas which was a rare thing during my days, to have more players trading outside the country.

e-Diski: What do you think about football in general?

Lazy Mzoe: Football, like every sport, unites people in general regardless of race, background and does not divide society. Thanks that you  endeavor to reach out to everyone.

e-Diski: Which is the best football team at the moment?

Lazy Mzoe: It will be Barca and I might sound biased because I love Arsenal but I think they are somewhat the best team unfortunately trophies have evaded them.

e-Diski: Who is the best player?

Lazy Mzoe: …ummm that’s a tricky one to be honest. Messi or Ronaldo. Both have different attributes to the game. Messi produces both in the league and the champions league and he makes things happen from nothing and Ronaldo has popped in goals for fun since joining Madrid. I think I will go for Messi and Ronaldo not far off.

e-Diski: What music do you listen to?

Lazy Mzoe: I listen to all types of music, they say you can’t fight good music. Hip hop and R&b does me good and I do listen to House
music when I miss home.

e-Diski: Which is your favourite movie?

Lazy Mzoe: Any movie that Denzel Washington is in then I am ace. American Gangster, Training Day stand out for me.

e-Diski: Thanks very much for your time and chat, and may God bless you.

Lazy Mzoe: It’s my pleasure…. God bless.

Muzondiwa ‘Lazy Mzoe’ Mugadza played for Zimbabwe Saints and Amazulu football clubs and represented his country with pride and distinction during his prime.


2 comments on “The Legend Has Spoken; Lazying with Mzo

  1. If thus the incident (bag grabbing) he is refeering to, Amazulu were leadng 2 – 0 b4 the incident but ended up losing 4 – 2. It surely had a negatv impact not 2 him alone but 2 the team as a whole.

    • The juju thing between Bosso and Saints in years gone by has always been amazing. In the last 15 years, it was just after taste of what was a brutal doctoring war. Things changed a lot ever since. Great goalkeeper and person to know. Thanx to both Mourinho and Mzoe for the interview.

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