The Legend Has Spoken; The Great Gumiso

“l think it was immaturity from both the players and technical stuff. Leading by 3-0 on the first leg l think we were supposed to go and defend for the whole match. It was going to be possible considering the quality of players who were there then, though they say the best way of defending is to attack. We lost tactically, l see so.”

e-Diski: Eta Mr Gumiso, long time..

Gumiso: Ndeipi (What’s up)

e-Diski: Grand and thanks. So you are here in SA, what are you doing?

Gumiso: I am currently working for a Toyota agent and I am enjoying it.

e-Diski: What about football?

Gumiso: Hahaha, it is in my blood, so I am doing some soccer coaching and manangerial courses.

e-Diski: Do you have a family?

Gumiso: Yes of course. l am married to Patience Chimoyo and we have 2 daughters Nina who is 8 and Owami, now 3.

e-Diski: Oh cool. So during your playing days what was your nickname?

Gumiso: Tjoo, I have plenty bru but I guess Gumi Gumi comes first and that is what a lot of people called me and they will easily remember that one.

e-Diski: How did you get it?

Gumiso: I guess like many of them, I can’t really say but I think this one just came from my surname, Gumiso. As youngsters we always tried to have short-cuts to our names or something.

e-Diski: As a footballer of note, when can you say was your defining or breakthrough moment?

Gumiso: Signing for Highlanders Football Club was the moment I will not forget. Playing for Bosso shaped me into a better footballer than I thought I was.

e-Diski: How?

Gumiso: You know bru Highlanders supporters. If you play for them they own you and make you feel you own the world. So anything is possible when you play well, that’s the way it is with Bosso.

e-Diski: Where were you and what were you doing before then?

Gumiso: When l signed for Tshilas in 1998, I was basically in Mutare where I played for Mutare United and then Gweru United.

e-Diski: Was it where you started your football career?

Gumiso: No, l started with City Vellos Juniors in Mutare of course, as well as Tanganda Juniors.

e-Diski: What was your memorable football moment?

Gumiso: Winning my first championship with Bosso and I will never forget the moment and the great team we had. We went on to win 4 times in a row including many many trophies.

e-Diski: I can only talk of 2 trophies against Dembare and that’s enough for me, hahaha.

Gumiso: Hahaha, it was unfortunate that you came a little late and left a little early.

e-Diski: What was the regrettable moment?

Gumiso: When we lost to Sable De Batie of Cameroun in Cameroun. That was very painful and regrettable. If we had won we were going to play in the mini league of the African Champions League.

e-Diski: What actually happened and why did you think Bosso lost that match?

Gumiso: l think it was immaturity from both the players and technical stuff. Leading by 3-0 on the first leg l think we were supposed to go and defend for the whole match. It was going to be possible considering the quality of players who were there then, though they say the best way of defending is to attack. We lost tactically l see so.

e-Diski: We believe the best way to defend is just to defend and the best way to attack is just that; attack. Who was your best teammate to play with?

Gumiso: A number of them as you know that team well. It was a complete unit and everyone contributed and sacrificed for the each other, for the coach and the fans.

e-Diski: Baba, I want to put you on the spot and say give me a name, just one name.

Gumiso: For me Gift Lunga Junior come out tops somehow because of the personal level understanding. We always lifted each other up when one is down.

e-Diski: Thebe was a fantastic footballer of course. Who was your toughest opponent?

Gumiso: Joe Mugabe. He was much older than me, more experienced and clever. l could mark out Joe for the entire match but he would somehow sneak in to head a goal home.

e-Diski: Who inspires you?

Gumiso: Before, it was my young brother John, the late former Zimbabwe under 23 captain lan Matondo of the then Tanganda F.C as well as  Anthony Masunde of Tanganda.

e-Diski: And then?

Gumiso: During my playing days it was coach Rahman Gumbo. He gave me all the advice, confidence and guidance you might think of when l joined Bosso as an unknown from Mutare. He is my mentor.

e-Diski: What do you think of the game today?

Gumiso: Soccer going down in the field of play, administration, sponsorship, it’s so bad. Club level is bad baba, but l think Norman Mapeza the national team coach is doing his best to assemble a good squad for the nation. thumbs up Nomara!

e-Diski: What about talent, is it not responsible?

Gumiso: l get frustrated when l think of the talent produced by, say, my home town of Mutare. Look at the list; Blessing Gumiso, the late Blessing Makunike, Lazaraus Muhoni, Eddie Dube, Eddie Nyika, the late Amon Chimbalanga, Taurai Makukutu, Joseph Kabwe, Willard Katsande, Onismo Bhasera, Washington Arubu, Wonder Sithole, Chipo Tsodzo, Saprin Muchabaya, Nelson Bandura the list is endless but we don’t have a strong consistent team in the PSL. It makes me sick, mara why?

e-Diski: Racism – hot topic lately, what are opinions on racism?

Gumiso: Racism is too much in football and not all players report these incidents. It can be reduced but not completely eradicated. It’s like music piracy. We will never win it totally, but reduced a big YES.

e-Diski: Which is the best football team at the moment?

Gumiso: In Zim, l think Dembare (Dynamos) and (FC) Platinum.

e-Diski: Abroad?

Gumiso: I am a Chelsea supporter and I think they are doing well

e-Diski: Who is the best player?

Gumiso: Ha ha ha, it’s Graham Ncube of Bosso and Desmond Maringwa of Dembare with Murape Murape not far off. I must say Carlos Tevez of (Manchester) City is my favourite international player.

e-Diski: What? Why Tevez?

Gumiso: I just like him. I am a big fan of Paul Ince, though he retired.

e-Diski: Hahaha, you reminded me of that guy when you played. What is the future of Gumiso?

Gumiso: I will coach or manage a team. Before coming to Mzansi l coached a Division 2 team in Skies (Bulawayo), Select Stars. When l took over the team, it was in position 13 and come end of year, l took it to position 3. Watch the space, l am a future Jose Mourinho.

e-Diski: Hahaha, good luck on that one but that is very interesting. So what music do you listen to?

Gumiso: Splash, Thomas Mkanya Mapfumo, Zola, Mandoza and Soul Brothers.

e-Diski: And your favourite movie?

Gumiso: All time movie, The Negotiator starring S.L Jackson.

e-Diski: That’s a great movie but Maguma Guma, thanks very much for sparring your time to chat. Keep in touch and God bless you

Gumiso: One love mwana vamai.

A very unassuming midfielder in his days who took a long time to get into the hearts of Bosso fans largely due to his straight forward football. As soon as his destroying qualities were fully blossomed after settling down from Mutare, he was a darling of the crowd. His ball winning skills and timing were exceptional. His marking and clean tackling will always be a memory to the Tshilamoya die hards. He scored a few but quality goals. Strong character who always came in for advise and ways to improve his game. A holding player of note indeed.


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