Bosso executive blocks former players.

A STORM is brewing in Bulawayo after the Highlanders Football Club executive has reportedly blocked former club players from meeting with it to discuss pertinent issues affecting Amahlolanyama.

Well placed sources at the Bosso camp have said the former players, operation under an association called Former Highlanders Players Association (FOHIPA) have on several occasions requested audience with the Bosso executive but to no avail.

The association wants to revive the dilapidated Bosso Sports Bar, which was once run by boozers soccer outfit – Amavevane.

“We have now and again asked for audience with these guys but to no avail, we communicated with the office administrator, Melody Mpofu who assured us that he had communicated with Secretary Andrew Tapela and Treasurer Odiel Nkomo, who told him that they were going to discuss the issue at their usual Monday meetings,” said Nestai “Super” Moyo.

He added that he does not understand why the Bosso executive does not want to meet them and discuss any matters. The former stylish Bosso star said his association has Tito Paketh as the chairman and Rahman Gumbo as his deputy.

Their slogan is: “WE are Bosso Legends Nothing Else Matters.”



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