FIFA must seriously look at this.

Have you ever calculated the cost of going to a football match? The trouble of organising transport, cost of calling friends to with, stress of anticipation, the beverages and the cost of the tickets. After all the sweat and cheers of all day, you suffer the tears of a loss or draw without witnessing a single goal. That is in the Major Soccer League they ensured there is a winner at the end of each match by penalty shootout. Fans need goals to cheer.

Hopefully, I will be writing a book soon, but meantime, I am thinking; How does FIFA come to the conclusion that there is more attack now in football as ‘encouraged’ by FIFA than we had a few World Cups back? The world football governing body are claimants that they enforce laws in a manner that encourages scores. They have said they will always give doubt to attacking players so that fans have a lot of moments to cheer about.

There has been nothing to suggest this is a philosophy the referees are encouraged to practise. Rather bizarre, there is this chorus of goal-line video technology cases seen at the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup, basically a result of negative officiating. A lot of offside calls were wrong. Tons of disallowed goals were the order of matches. Final analysis, there were few goals in this tournament than the previous tournaments. Verdict: witch-hunting. What a waste of our time.

I have called for ‘no offside ‘ for anyone outside the penalty area. Actually, goalkeepers are having it both ways. They use both hands and feet. Feet should never be used by a goalkeeper, unless he is dispatching a ball he caught, but not even for a free-kick or a goal-kick. With this in force, do you know how many goals we could see? Take a good guess. Furthermore, it should be a serious offence for the goalkeeper to catch a cross. They must stay glued on the line.

There is serious need to modify the goal posts. The increase of the upright post height by half a metre, the width of the goal-mouth by a metre is just a few. International matches have to be played at the biggest possible size of the pitch.

There is an issue with yellow cards. A guy gets 2 yellow cards in a match and he is out. IFAB should be more universal by stipulating that any team conceding 3 yellow cards should take off a single player.

It is crazy to have a team like Holland, in which almost every player is cautioned and they remain unpunished. There is no fair play to protect the victims. A team that has a second player red-carded in the same match will also lose the goalkeeper simultaneously. Actually, the extra players should be chosen by the opposing team.

There was a rule that 3 consecutive corner-kicks led to a penalty. That rule must come back. It must stipulate 2 and not 3 this time. Additionally, if a goalkeeper punches the ball twice in a row, the referee should award a penalty.

Finally, no substitutions in the last 15 minutes of the game shall be allowed.


4 comments on “FIFA must seriously look at this.

    • Hahaha. Thanks for that and I am glad you its cool. I do not think there will be an goalless matches. The point is to see 13-9 or 9-9 score-lines or something like that.

    • You mean on the Barca issue? It must be understood teams are built overnight, and they just go down the drain just like that. It is a process, like the one that has just started at the Nou Camp.

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