Forget New Year resolutions, make money.

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Happy New Year to our readers and followers. I had enough fruits in 2011 to look for a fruitful year ahead.Samuel Eto’o earns GBP 350 000,00 for a Monday to Sunday regular shift, annually totalling GBP 1 400 000 only, at Russia’s Anzhi Makhachkala. You could be making this yourself, or you did, but I will.

Besides printing my book this year, I will be attending a very high-profile coaching course in Europe later in the year, which I hope to fund from the sale of the book. You can order dozens of the book in advance and hopefully I can make the list below.

Dalian Aerbin of China signed Nicolas Anelka and have been said to be trying to Didier Drogba to the Far East for a GBP 200 000 a week over three years. That would be worth £30 million in all. Didier attracted arch-rivals, Super League champions Evergrande who are prepared to give him more than Eto’o earns.

This is good money, at least for me, because I do not have expensive taste, so amassing some 40 or 50 million would not be an issue with my bank balance, except there would be concerns of security with my local bank.

David Beckam topped the cool buck list for a while with $40 million per year that included deals that are not salary, until the East came forth with the swanky figures. Eto’o’s case raised eyebrows but it seems it will be an everyday issue that we are getting used to.

The La Liga pair of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi earn $38 000 000 and 32 000 000 respectively with Kaka at $25 000 000. Could these guys be working harder than me and you? Maybe, with maximum efforts, we could come somewhere close.

Ronaldinho at Flamengo, in Rio de Janeiro is paid by a private insurance company, a total of $24 000 000, $3 000 000 more than Thierry Henry gets from New York Red Bulls of USA. Frank Lampard and Zlatan Ibrahimovic bank $17 000 000 annually while Wayne Rooney who is claimed to be peeping at Manchester City, pockets $20 000 000.

We have 12 months to catch and please give Facebook a rest, there are millions to be made out there. I will be checking the Forbes List for your names this time next year. e-Diski wishes you money in 2012.


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