There is no formation like 4-3-3 or 4-4-2

The 4-3-3 football scheme

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With football stories and results predictably uninspiring all over the world, we continue in viewing the game with my game. I have always been fascinated by the issue of formations and substitutions.

For a full-time coach, there is not enough time in 24 hours to do the job. Reacting to variables like injuries and change of weather is a serious challenge. This is simply because all the plans revolve around players and their playing relationship.

Incapacitation of one parameter means a change of formation. The formation is vital if you have a philosophy and pattern you want to impose on the opposition. The formation is the skeletal arrangement of personnel from the goalkeeper onwards.

The goalkeeper forms the top and main part of the spine. Then comes the central defender, central midfielder and the striker.  Given the backbone function of the keeper, leaving representation of his position in naming a formation is ridiculously annoying.

Take heart that not only you make the mistakes. Even accomplished and respected mentors use the notations like 4-3-3, 3-5-2, 5-3-2 or 4-4-2. Mostly, the excuse would be that everyone is using it.

These notations should read 1-4-3-3 and 1-4-4-2, unless the goalkeeper is not part of the team. According to the FIFA Laws of the Game, it is clearly stated that the match shall only commence when a team composed of 7 players (or 8 depending on the competition or rules thereof) ‘of which one must be a goalkeeper’.

Therefore, having had this free education, desist from a misedutated notation of the technical lingo of the game and train yourself on the proper use of terms. Teach others too.


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