The truth of the Bosso book

The best things are happening to the club almost at the same time. The recently launched e-book, What Highlanders need right now! (CLICK THE LINK), has the potential to help the team finances if looked at objectively with all honesty. The book is basically the brief history of the club, the most popular posts about the club and team from this blog and a strong appeal to get fans out of their butts and work for Highlanders FC in their own way, where they are and for 12 months every year.

The e-book is available world-wide and the print version will be available soon. The book sale is a personal project about the club and by goodwill, the profit of between 35 and 70 % will be shared with the club at a 50% rate. As one goes through the book, it goes without saying why it is worth every penny. The 50% royalty to the club is a huge bonus which will be improved by the responses.

From my as a gardener, then a teacher, a locomotive mechanic, a football coach, a business person and salesman, going by the norms were my weaknesses. Conventional methods were always complicated and I think my progress in all spheres of life basically resulted from the principles. The debate of how one contributes to the success of the team could end here, even though the marketing may be unconventional.

As honourable as the questions of how anyone can be sure if the club gets its share, understanding that from where one is, cash for personal entertainment will end up in the club’s coffers is prudent. While efforts are underway to get the official position of the club to endorse the personal project for marketing purposes, at this point, it should be treated like any recording of the club song by any artist, only that in this case, the net profits enrich the club.

The undertaking comes at several attempts I made for the benefit of the club and the multitude of fans. A couple of years ago, I opened a well designed blog for the club, THE BOSSO BLOG which has since been de-registered for inactivity, for which I gave the big fishes the passwords to run it as they saw fit. Less enthusiasm encouraged me to run the blog myself for the club, provided the club could provide the information. The success was as uplifting as moving mountains.

Without losing hope, attempts to source relevant updates were rock-hard but I managed to squeeze a few grapevine stories which were sometimes be inaccurate. Those attempts will not lie down as I will not give up. All attempts are for the love and worthy cause of the team. In trying to group and mobilise, different opinions and conflict of interest always meant less progress and even retardation of mechanisms in place. The natural instincts for me are always to troubleshooting and brainstorming.

When it comes to such issues, nothing stops me. At this point, my part is done. You can play yours or dismiss it. Only the action oriented can be assets. The best part of the project is, to have a an attitude of just buying a book. That makes the purchaser lose absolutely nothing. Without the wait and see stance, does not really do much for the team or the author, nor indeed the buyer. All that can happen is other teams to be at the forefront of their similar projects and succeed.

At this moment in time, the encouragement I should be giving the reader is that the book is an excellent product for personal consumption. It would be more easier for many to confirm and prove what percentage of sales the club would actually get and that the club to confirm an official position. As certain as one can be, the executive is not obliged to endorse the project. It would naive to think the club would shun a donation, in which case I the Highlanders Academy or something like that would really utilise the funds, maybe the Legends.

Some faithful fans have branded the idea ‘Awesome’, being encouraged by the fact that it’s a Kindle book that can be used on several mobile devices. It will be easy to pick journalistic flaws and professional author touches, but one will surely feel the passion.

At this point, pledging the support of the new executive led by Peter Dube is the least the supporters can do. The present Highlanders’ executive’s deputy is Sikhanyiso Moyo, secretary-general Andrew Tapela, Odiel Nkomo, the treasurer, and new committee member Charles Moyo. While their debt and budget deficit problems are minimal, they need a lot of cash to function to a level where the only worry will be the results.

The executive reportedly supported the technical department while still looking at the details of the situations at hand. There has been calls to appoint Willard Mashinkila Khumalo as the new Highlanders Academy Director to work with our junior coaches and help advising our senior coaches on academy players who would be ready to be promoted for first team.

Academy players like Mgcini Sibanda, Arnold Ndiweni and Knox Mutizwa gave a good accounts of themselves in th match they played last Sunday. Much of the second half had nothing to write home about until perhaps the introduction of these juniors. Even Bruce Tshuma who came in for Brighton Choto did well but it was the youngsters who stole the limelight with some forgotten dribbling skills that saw the few fans who were there cheering and some vuvuzelas suddenly being blown.

While other sentiments to have ceremonial Chief Executive Officer are doing rounds for the fans, it may not be a priority and the new members will be worried about familiarising themselves with the conditions on the ground.

CEO position has been thought to be best suited for Themba Ndlela or Kenny Ndebele, which would bring some conflict of interest according to some opinions. All such issues run away from the point of making money for the club. These CEOs would be employees who have to be paid. As a new Bosso culture, let our line of thought be towards putting money into the club and not drawing from the team’s account. It starts with your purchase What Highlanders need right now! (CLICK THE LINK) and encouraging everyone else to do the same.


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