AC Milan assassinate Arsenal 4-0

Failure to place basic football components together in the correct order proved a fatal demise of Arsenal in the UEFA Champions League against AC Milan at the San Siro.

The alarmingly slow transition in converting from defence to attack just stuck with the Gunners as their seemingly super glued stunts gifted Milan with generous scoring opportunities.

On numerous occasions, the man on the ball took far too long to release the next player when it attack, allowing the Italians ample time to regroup and shape up.

The average decision-making became increasingly erratic and very much delayed in all departments, especially in midfield. The poor defending principles were obviously encouraging AC Milan and retreating to wrong areas did not help Arsenal’s cause.

Too much spaces in defensive situations and poor take-off by the flat-footed Arsenal defenders resulted in the porous and stagnant shapes between the central defenders and the wing defenders as seen in the goals scored and missed clear-cut chances by Milan.

Playing too square and ignoring the blind side, the Londoners were found wanting for pace and ball watching. They seemed content dangerously zonal marking in the defending third.

The defense to attack conversion naturally failed to fatten the supply line in either channel and the numbers thinned in the attacking third.

Lack of crosses in attack saw the Gunners rarely threatening the relaxed Milan defence. There was never a squeeze or telling pressure to cause anxious moments for the hosts.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho had a field day running rings around Bacary Sagna, Karen Gibbs, Laurent Koscielny and Thomas Vermaelen. Nocerino spent a good night supplying Kevin Prince Boateng with first class passes.

The goals came from Boateng (15 minutes), Robinho (38 and 49 minutes) while the 80th minute penalty by Ibrahimovic sealed the Gunners agony.

Thierry Henry bid farewell as he returns to the New York Red Bulls.


6 comments on “AC Milan assassinate Arsenal 4-0

  1. The poorest showing of a top class team or should i say, the worst showing by any Champions League team behind Manchester United this season. Arsenal miss the services of Jack Wilshere terribly, to further the woes, they are so flat playing some predictable football that is becoming less effective day by day. The midfield was a terrible sight, Theo, Ramsey are both out of sorts, the ball supply to the front runners was alarming for any Arsenal side with great flair of attacking football.

    The Goalkeeper needs serious ball playing lessons, and his confidence is so low, his play took to the defenders eventually the whole team.

    With such showing the fit dat haunted us last season will follow us, getting knocked out on all competitions in a week cause frankly 4 nil down there’s no chance of getting back in it, unless you are Manchester United playing a Chelsea team. Tottenham Hotspurs will roll over Arsenal with a bigger score, unless something is done between now and the weekend.

    • An interesting and yet precise analysis. You may have sen this coming like me, unless you are an ardent fan. Could this be the time for Wenger to take a holiday?

  2. Wenger does not need a holiday …he needs to retire…and he has needed to for the past 3 to 4 or 5 years…he has lost all drive and his ambition is questionable!

    There was no way that team was going to score a goal as they failed to go through an old fashioned 1 4 4 2 that stood out if when squeezing space in the BOX …you could still see distinct lines of 4 and we could not breach the first! ROY BARRETTO would have loved watching that and teaching his advanced learner coaches what and how the formation works!

    Solution? New Manager, new drive and new ambition otherwise Spurs will tear us apart for sheer pace and ingenuity!


    • There are times when one is tempted to blame players. In the Gunners’ case, tactics CRY OUT LOUD. It is easy to seethe patterns and player behaviour. Also obvious, is the deadness of the player’s passion to play. They are tired mentally. As for the solution. you said it best.

  3. I’m not sure if Wenger is a manager that most teams need, we need a footballing coach not a an accountant, or a businessman. Wenger claimed all teams are out there to make money or generate profits which in truth is right but has he set down with his advisors and taken note of the potential that lays in building a good strong team? Real Madrid receives mass revenue from fans, how much money is Real Madrid making off Christiano Ronaldo? Kaka? how about Bacelona on Messi, Fabregas, Xavi, David Villa? or Manchester United on Rooney? What about the money that they get from being champions of whatever trophy they may have won?

    Wenger’s motive just beats all logic. no wonder good players leave for better teams with better ambitions. Remember the Wayne Rooney saga in which he was refusing to sign for Manchester United claiming the team didn’t have the capability to replace the aging players with highly regarded players that would help the team win? Well Rooney though was wrong for doing that to me then, i think he made perfact sense now that i see what he meant. He is a player who plays to win and i love him and think Messi maybe be the most talented but Rooney is the most zealous player anywhere that any manager would love to have. he plays with purpose and thats to win, some teams play with purpose but wrong ones, e.g Aseranl is playing for a top four every year and a last 16 elimination in the champions league.

    A new manager you say, but to me i see no use the bosses at Arseanl are happy with wenger they’re of the same mind and its unlikely that he is about to be replaced anytime soon. The players too are suffering from futigue, the work load on van Persie is just to much, the lads lack the will, passion to play, cohesion, understanding each other you would think the Milan was their first game after a long off season break!

    • I agree that the shift in the balance of good football and business profit are the reasons behind Arsenal’s demise. The situation could have been reversible 3 or 2 seasons ago. Last season was very bad, and now, it is a calamity. The Gunners will be fighting for survival in the top league within a few seasons, if Wenger stays or his policies remain. He has to make huge, sweeping and shocking changes for the team to remain just a top 4 material.

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