In their own words: Dumisani Nyoni

e-Diski: Hello Dumi!

Dumi: Hello, I’m ok e-Diski, thanks. Sorry for coming to you a bit late.

e-Diski: No worries at all. Where are you?

Dumi: I’m still in Bulawayo, here in Zim.

e-Diski: Do you have any family?

Dumi: Yes I do. I’m married to Precious and we are blessed with 3 lovely kids, a boy and two girls.

e-Diski: That’s really great. So, what are you doing now?

Dumi: At the moment I’m just running my construction and bore hole drilling company.

e-Diski: Wow, all the best with that. What was your nickname when you played football?

Dumi: My nick name was or is SAVIMBI.

e-Diski: Of course I remember. How did you get it?

Dumi: The no non-sence attitude during matches earned me that nick name.

e-Diski: When was your defining or breakthrough moment?

Dumi: My breakthrough moment was in 1984 in the Chibuku Trophy vs Bata Power at BF.

e-Diski: Where were you and what were you doing before then?

Dumi: I was at High School doing my O’ Level.

e-Diski: What was your memorable moment?

Dumi: My memorable moment it’s when we beat Go Mahia of Kenya in the Africa Cup Winners Cup 4-2 on aggregate. I was name Man of the Match.

e-Diski: Who was your best teammate to play with?

Dumi: My best teammate was Tobias Nyamudyambanje.

e-Diski: Ahh, ok. Who was your toughest opponent?

Dumi: I didn’t encounter any tough opponents really, instead I was the one giving opposite strikers torrid times

e-Diski: What do you think of the game today?

Dumi: The game today is more commercial these days and it is no longer interesting like it was many years before.

e-Diski: True that. It’s like plastic, hahaha. Which is the best football team at the moment?

Dumi: At the moment Hwange F.C. is enjoying good administration and I commend them for a job well done. They have good support from the community and of course they are playing well.

e-Diski: Who is the best player?

Dumi: I rate Canaan Nkomo of Chicken Inn as one of the best players in the Castle Premier League.

e-Diski: What music do you listen to?

Dumi: I listen to Gospel Music.

e-Diski: Which is your favourite movie?

Dumi: The Spy Who Loves Me.

e-Diski: That’s a nice one. And the actor?

Dumi: James Bond.

e-Diski: Thanks very much for your time and chat, and may God bless you.

Dumi: God bless you too.

Dumisani Nyoni had a lot of pace and attacking initiative as a left back. The great part of the greatest ever Highlanders Football Club, he played alongside Titus Majola, Mercedes Sibanda, Peter Nkomo, Willard Khumalo, Madinda Ndlovu, to name but a few. He was probably the best defender in Africa in his position at that time. He is the father of the gifted Vusa Nyoni who plays football in Europe.


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