In their own words: Witness Munkuli

e-Diski: Hello Mr Munkuli

Witness: Hie to you and the readers.

e-Diski: Tell me about yourself and where you are based.

Witness: I am Witness Munkuli, born on the 27th of April 1975. My home town is Binga but I live in Harare right now.

e-Diski: With your family?

Witness: Sure. I have four children.

e-Diski: Cool. And what are you doing now?

Witness: I am a goalkeepers’ coach at Harare City FC.

e-Diski: Oh cool. Who is Harare City now?

Witness: We were in the First Division and we will be playing in the Premier League this season.

e-Diski: I see, that is great and all the best in that adventure.

Witness: Thanks.

e-Diski: What was your nickname?

Witness: Bapati.

e-Diski: Goalkeeper? How did you get it?

Witness: No. It means ‘senior’.

e-Diski: Like Boss? Which language is that?

Witness: Hahaha. It is a Tonga word. I am a Tonga by tribe.

e-Diski: When was your defining or breakthrough moment?

Witness: It was in 1996 when I signed for Hwange F.C. I played in the Premier League for the first time.

e-Diski: Great. Where were you and what were you doing before then?

Witness: I was playing for ZESA Hwange in Division One.

e-Diski: Ok. What was your memorable moment?

Witness: When I had my first child in 1996.

e-Diski: Becoming a father for the first time?

Witness: Becoming a father for the first time.

e-Diski: Mmmm. Ok. What was your highest achievement or your proudest moment?

Witness: Playing for Caps United. I had a good time there. In 2004 we won the Championship, the Buddie Cup and the Unity Cup.

e-Diski: Wow! And then?

Witness: I was the ‘Goalkeeper of the Month’ six times and eventually crowned the ‘Goalkeeper of the Year’.

e-Diski: Great indeed, and congratulations.

Witness: Sure and thanks.

e-Diski: So what made you achieve so much? What makes Witness tick?

Witness: It is the self-belief and determination. I drive myself to achieve my goals.

e-Diski: And what is your dream?

Witness: To be Warriors coach. I wish to coach goalkeepers for the Zimbabwe national team.

e-Diski: I wish you well, but how will you achieve it?

Witness: It will not be easy but I will have to work hard as I have always done at my club, to produce the best goalkeepers.

e-Diski: What was the regrettable moment in your life?

Witness: I had a very bad day in 2004. I let in four goals against Highlanders. It was embarassing.

e-Diski: Sorry about that. Who was your best teammate to play with?

Witness: It must have been Laughter Chilembe.

e-Diski: Ok and who was your toughest opponent?

Witness: I did not have tough opponent but I must say I respected strikers but did not fear them.

e-Diski: Sure. And so, what do you think of the game today?

Witness: I cannot say much about that.

e-Diski: Why?

Witness: There is a lot of corruption in the game today, and then the issue of racism in world football is a big concern.

e-Diski: I understand. Which is the best football team at the moment?

Witness: Real Madrid is the best team at the moment.

e-Diski: And the best player?

Witness: Sure Lionel Messi of Barcelona.

e-Diski: What music do you listen to?

Witness: I listen to Sungura music.

e-Diski: By?

Witness: The late Tongai Moyo. He was my favourite artist.

e-Diski: May his soul rest in peace. Which is your favourite movie?

Witness: I love Angeline Jolie’s movies.

e-Diski: Pick one.

Witness: SALT.

e-Diski: Great. Thanks so much for the time and chat and all the best in everything you do and God bless you.

Witness: You are welcome and God bless you too.

Some of Witness Munkuli’s team-mates at Hwange included the great Nation Dube, Charles Chilufya, Tavaka Gumbo, Brian Njobvu among a host of gifted players. Munkuli was a fine goalkeeper who could win a match single handedly on his day.


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