Arsenal severely spears Spurs

When it mattered more to the fans than the title, Arsenal demolished Tottenham Hotspurs subduing fellow Londoners to total submission. Even by the massive and infinite stretch of imagination, Arsene Wenger and realistic fans were taken aback.

On a day when two rare occasions could happen simultaneously, the Arsenal hit the right notes exactly when Spurs were off-tune. To be polite, the Gunners torpedoed an intoxicated fly. They shelled an insect trying to deal with an overdose of a pesticide.

Not taking away anything from the realisation that they had muscle to do so, and actually went on to do so clinically ruthless, they deserve the praise. The biggest achievement was coming from 0-2 goals of the day, and levelled the matters 2-2 at half time.

There is no team that you know, that would not have played any better in the second half, against any team that played like Spurs. In brief, Spurs never had a proper save to make in that period. All the shots on target were goals. Actually, any meaningful attack ended as a goal.

Teams like Manchester United, City, Chelsea or Liverpool would have sent Friedel to the net more often. As soon as it was the second half, Tottenham Hotspur players arrived centuries after the ball had been passed in all their tackles. The challenges were clumsy and tackles pathetically wild.

After every inch of the referee’s patience had been stretched to the limit, Scott Parker was red-carded. Like many unpunished crazy tackles before this unfortunate event, it was a straight-red card.

To sum it up, Spurs seemed drowsed in some intoxication of some sort. The Gunners should be applauded for finishing them up in style. As to whether that was enough to turn the corner, you need to be a football fan to make a fair assessment. As for the ‘Gunner for Life’ club, Arsenal are back.

Does one swallow make a summer?


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