Snippet 3: The book; What Highlanders need right now!

Rahman was solely responsible for the results but we lost our jobs at the same time, despite getting the results. I am not blaming anyone.

A new environment and the size of the responsibility for me were overwhelming. I had been Gumbo’s coaching instructor in his coach training and therefore could not deputise him. It was two bulls in the same kraal, never easy on job ethics.

One of my greatest moments at the Club was a match against local city rivals. We beat AmaZulu Football Club at Luveve 4-2 coming from 0-2 at half, in one of Bosso’s best ever games.

My stay at Bosso is characterised by two trophies after we beat Dynamos within weeks of each other. It was a Dairiboard Charity Cup at Barbourfields Stadium and the Independence Cup at the National Sports Stadium of Harare.

I am very proud of the achievements of the development program that produced Honour Gombami among others. During my stay there, Mkhokheli Dube and Gilbert Banda were fast maturing and it is fulfilling to see where they are now.

Johannes Ngodzo played his worst football then because he was a Railstars player before he joined Bosso. He had refused my attempts to keep him there.

In reuniting with him at Tshilamoya, the feeling of guilt hindered his game despite my assurances and encouragement.

He could only get his touch back in years to come. The upcoming team of that time had potential to move mountains. I proposed the Division 2 football then.

It sounded ridiculous then to have two Highlanders teams registered in different leagues. I am glad the system is in operation now.

Working with Kenny Ndebele, Liqhwa Gama and Isaac Mlilo under the leadership of Mangwana Tshuma was a rewarding experience. There was never a single moment that salaries were not paid on time.

Everyone was paid their friendly matches appearance fees at the stadium. For international matches, the payment was in cash and 3 days before the travel dates. That was efficiency.

The support given by Nhlanhla Bahlangene Dube and Onius Ndebele was encouraging. They assisted in their personal capacities.

I had tremendous support and a great relationship with ‘abadala bempankeni’, the Board. They were very encouraging indeed.

In a different world and at a different time I could have served Bosso in a telling way. I have a conviction that I could have won Africa Champions League with that team and management. I really do.

I still harbour the ambitions to do so. Time will tell and that is a story for another day.


2 comments on “Snippet 3: The book; What Highlanders need right now!

  1. I couldnt undastand y dat generation passd without gvng a huge shout @ d champions league.

    On dat 4-2 com from behind @ Luveve highlightd d team’s neva say die spirit. Wit dat team imposbl was nothng

    • While it was lost opportunities, I believe the furtue can be better. If many people could buy the book, and make it a habit to do so continously, there would be enough cash to pay anyone, go anywhere and do anything.

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