Maybe there is something wrong with me.

I take it as misinformation or just pure malice that one can wake in the morning and tell me that Jose Mourinho will coach a national team. It damages me if they go on to say that the national team will be England. To even think Pep Guardiola can replace the Italian, Fabio Capello, who resigned just before his biggest assignment besides the FIFA World Cup, is an insult to the English. Maybe it is just me.

The English have interests to guard at this moment in time. The few capable people have to be approached and signed. There is no way a hyper-active Mourinho can miss the weekly action of club football for the once in a blue moon national team football. Guardiola would take it but his experience and style is as English as the Indian sari.

That is not to say we can trust the FA, but then,assuming the Barcelona gaffer is an honest man I assume him to be, the speculation is a waste of cyber space and a global warming contributor given the origins of the wasted printed paper on which the story appeared.

The FA has since indicated waiting for the EPL season to end before making a decision. That sounds more sober given Harry Redknapp will have time to assist. The speculation of him being approached catastrophically derailed Spurs off the title rail and Manchester United and City have feasted on the mishap. Thanks to Arsenal.

Elsewhere, FIFA reports that in 2011, £1.9 billion was spent on international transfer fees of players. The cash does not include transfers between domestic clubs. What portion of this figure comes to you? You are in the wrong job.

1500 Brazilian players were involved in international transfers contribution 13 per cent of the total amount. You must remember that registered professional players from the Samba countries exceed total populations of Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho and many other countries combined.

The average basic annual salary for a footballer is £153,815, giving me some home work to do. I need to upgrade my CV and hopefully soon, I will hit that mark. Let’s see who gets there first between and you.

The average transfer fee is just under £1m, not a bad figure if you have an academy and look forward to market your products. Given the cost of Cesc Fabregas and Sergio Arguero, you observe there were very low figures paid out for the majority of players. 

The system that tracks all this, was set up FIFA. They are pursuing 700 procedures against clubs and associations who have breached the rules. This is best in that smaller schools and teams that produced players who get transferred before their 23rd birthday will get due reward for the football education from the football shacks. 

I pray for the arrest and jailing of dubious and fraudulent agents. Forget about Pep and Jose coaching England. 


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