In their own words: Eddie Mukahanana

e-Diski: Hello Eddie.

Eddie: Hello baba.

e-Diski: Tell us where are you based?

Eddie: I’m in Canada.

e-Diski: With your wife and children?

Eddie: Yes. I have been married for 10 years now to my wife Michelle. We have been blessed with our lovely kids, Rutendo who is 4 and Tinaye 2 years old.

e-Diski: Cool. And what are you doing here in Canada?

Eddie: I work full-time at the University of Victoria.

e-Diski: And…?

Eddie: I am also a Youth Technical Director of Bays United FC here in Victoria BC, and I run EM Sports Academy (Check their website right now on

e-Diski: That is great and all the best with that. I have tremendous respect for people who work on that aspect of the game.

Eddie: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

e-Diski: What was your favourite nickname?

Eddie: Malefty was the common one.

e-Diski: How did you get it?

Eddie: It was probably because of my dominant left foot.

e-Diski: When was your defining or breakthrough moment?

Eddie: Mine came when, in 1994, I played my first league match for Zimbabwe Saints versus Tongogara in Gweru.

e-Diski: Great. Where were you and what were you doing before then?

Eddie: I was doing my A-Levels then at St. Columba’s High and had just returned to Saints from Highlanders juniors.

e-Diski: I see. What was your memorable moment?

Eddie: The first time I played against Highlanders e- B/F.

e-Diski: Was it a good experience?

Eddie: Nothing prepares a 17-year-old for such an occasion, especially playing in a defensive position at the Soweto end. It was all good at the end.

e-Diski: I feel you here. Which one is your highest or proudest achievement?

Eddie: The balance between academics and football has to be the highest achievement for me personally.

e-Diski: Why?

Eddie: Look, it was incredibly difficult to balance the two and do well in both. Our system of football and school in Zimbabwe doesn’t cater for such. The fact that I managed to do it so I could go on to university was the highest achievement for me.

e-Diski: I personally think you did very well indeed. So, what makes you tick?

Eddie: I am very ambitious individual. So achieving my set goals does.

e-Diski: Self-driven?

Eddie: You can say that. Yeah.

e-Diski: What is your dream?

Eddie: Now that I am a coach, coaching at the highest level is my goal.

e-Diski: All the best with that, but how do you intend to achieve it?

Eddie: I have been coaching for the past 10 years in very good environments and getting myself educated at the highest levels. I now hold the UEFA A License among others. So I will continue to get the necessary experience until a time I get the opportunity to take the next step

e-Diski: Congratulations. Maybe UEFA Pro License next? Any way, what was the regrettable moment?

Eddie: We will see. Mmmm, my regrettable moment – possibly was not staying in Russia when I was signed by Rostov in 2001. I lacked the support I needed at that time so I decided to return to play in the US. I think I should have stayed longer.

e-Diski: Sorry about that. It reminds me of Joe Machingura’s missed opportunity at Benfica in the 1980s. Who was your best teammate to play with?

Eddie: Muzondiwa Mugadza was very helpful to me as a young-man coming into the 1st team. His support as goalkeeper was excellent to me as a defender. It gave me the confidence I needed as a player. I also liked playing with Gee Mangayi.

e-Diski: Gee? Wow, where is Gee? I liked him, he had incredible pace and finishing for a man of that speed. Who was your toughest opponent?

Eddie: Hahaha. Gee is somewhere in Vancouver. Makwinji Soma-Phiri was tough to play against. He was just so physical and good in the air. It was tough but that was the job I signed up for so I did it to the best of my ability. But it was him.

e-Diski: Ok. And so, what do you think of the game today?

Eddie: The game today is faster, technical and sports science has played a huge part in that revolution. Today’s players are more efficient that say 10 years ago.

e-Diski: True that. Too many elements to look into. Which is the best football team at the moment?

Eddie: Barcelona. They are too good.

e-Diski: I see, and the best player?

Eddie: Lionel Messi.

e-Diski: What music do you listen to?

Eddie: I listen to anything…except RAP

e-Diski: Hahaha, which is your favourite movie?

Eddie: Since I have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old – we are watching “Happy feet”, hahaha.

e-Diski: Hahaha. Family time! Eddie, thanks very much for your time and chat, and God bless you in everything you do. Have fun.

Eddie: Thank you and have a great day.

Eddie Mukahanana was a solid and cool defender of note. He played alongside Mlungisi Ndebele, Chris Kahwema, Muzondiwa Mugadza, Ronald Gidiza Sibanda and Godwin Gee Mangayi during his stint at Zimbabwe Saints before he went to the United States of America on a scholarship. A true and ethical man. All the best to him and family.


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