EPL resumes – Spurs are ordinary after all

I beat my drum too hard and it has cracked. I drummed for the best football in the English Premier League well before it actually got noticed. Tottenham Hotspur got into the FA Final and the qualified for the UEFA Champions League, where they caught the world’s eye as a revelation.

They lost the opportunity of the Champions League but made a telling start which made their intentions very clear even to a church mouse. By the turn of the year, they were miles ahead of their European dreams, everyone talking about the title coming back to London after years.

As a football fan, you know champions beat fellow contenders. Chickens have come home to roost at White Hart Lane. Despite my loud noise about their textbook football, I always maintained that they are not talented. They just played well as a team. More obvious were Harry Redknapp’s tactics and man-management skills.

Asking both Manchesters to lose four matches each is like reporting to work on Monday morning and your boss throws the company keys of his multibillion company at you and tell you, ‘Hey buddy, I got too much money now. It’s all yours.’ It is not impossible, but difficult. Unite and City are not the most generous teams in the world and they are not about to change.

I have no question that Lionel Messi joining Spurs would turn their fortunes overnight. I wish he could come over. There is no doubt that Spurs need the sympathy of a referee or two. If they had a bit of that luxury, they could have come away with a win at the Etihad Stadium.

From Anfield, they could blame the cats. Manchester United just stole it from them, but it is the goals that count. The Arsenal assassination was a complete day off for the entire team. Their latest form coincided with rumours of the potential exit of Redknapp to manage England.

After riding the crest for so long, Spurs will be fighting tooth and nail for the third position. Victories over City, Liverpool, United and Arsenal would have seen them on 64 points, compared to what United and City’s 61 and 63 respectively.

With that record, they could easily beat anybody on their path, and now to achieve that, they need to enjoy a little support of, as I said before, even half a referee. For now, the title is a little red but more blue.


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