Thank you God for blessing Muamba

Fabrice Muamba is reported to have laughed with friends and family at the London Chest Hospital. Muamba has been the world-wide football news headlines after he collapsed during the FA Cup match of Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur over the weekend.

Immediate and expert treatment from the onset were key to his current state that is ever improving. Overall, the technology and latest safety arrangement at the stadia in ensuring the availability of doctors and ambulance should be commended. Henceforth, it should be a lesson to have it mandatory for all professional leagues.

Further, it was just days that Barcelona‘s Eric Abidal was to undergo a liver transplant. Sports medicine checks and procedures are emerging to be very necessary and thorough. They need to be improved and strictly implemented.

For the respect of the Muamba, let us leave it here and wish him not only a quick recovery, but one that will see him take to the field once again. He is already to an inspiration to many and will continue to be in his playing and social life.

Taking heart from Nwankwo Kanu’s heart operation over a decade back, we all know it is not impossible. Our prayers also go to the Muamba and Abidal families and friends.

God bless football players.


2 comments on “Thank you God for blessing Muamba

  1. It is actually very heart warming to see the pouring out of support from all walks of life. I mean every player who played in the EPL last night showed some respect to Mr. Muamba. Sports is indeed a powerful weapon.

    • Indeed, and to see Thierry Henry flying from the US, was a tremendous solidarity sign. Sadly, a woman ironically died praying for him. My her soul rest in lasting peace.

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