The moment of truth

Amongst the many things we have always believed and wanted to believe, wouldn’t it be nice for a while to honour up and face the moment of truth? There are simply things that we cannot change, like it or not.

To make it flow better, I will start with the sore truth, though it is like swallowing a complete fully-grown half-matured prickle pear. Tottenham Hotspur are finished. They are not good enough.

Arsenal are back with a bang. This, I was told and deliberately refused to heed. The Gunners tried to convince me that they would be back.

This is as painful as typing that Manchester United are the real deal. It does not matter how they play and who the referee is, they lead the English Premier League. I am not counting out Manchester City out yet, but, why in the world are United on top?

I would have been convinced to say Liverpool are back, but there is so much negativity about the reds. The Suarez stories of racism and their failure to send a ‘get well soon’ message to Fabrice Muamba on time, if ever the finally did, is one thing, but their blowing hot and cold with the chilling consistency needs mention. Exactly when you think they are back, they are gone.

One performance by their Captain Fantastic made them think they own the world and started the blasphemy that Steve Gerrard is the best ever at Anfield. Well enough and all are forgiven for thinking that since they had forgotten how to play Liverpool. Those who know the game, will tell you that you did not watch the 1980s squad to say that statement. It did not need Liverpool supporters to know John Barnes, Ian Rush, Peter Beardsley, Jan Molby, John Aldridge and Bruce Grobelaar among others. Anyway, that’s off topic.

Folks, like we have always said about how bad South African was, underlined by Orlando Pirates’ loss to Angolan champions, we hereby bow and accept the Barclays Premier League is mediocre. I take a sip of water as I say this, as it does not go down well even with me.

The idea that La Liga is just a two horse race and that the EPL is the real deal, given that the ‘minnows’ account for the scalps of ‘giants’ once is a while, and that the race is always decided at the end, is over-rated. How many English teams remain in the Champions League? How many are in the Europa League? Only Chelsea are still in the Champions League.

The English champions are not even good enough for the semis of the European second tier Cup. By contrast, La Liga has two representatives in each and may win both. Real Madrid and Barcelona may even play the final. Valencia and Athletico Madrid may take the Europa.

La Liga boast of the World Player of the Year, and has consistently produced one over time. They have produced more European Champions.

And by the way, another hard one to take for many, Lionel Messi is the greatest player of all time and Manchester City need Carlos Tevez. 



2 comments on “The moment of truth

  1. Tse, nice article again. I however beg to differ on your comparisons of La Liga and The Premiership. I think there are is too much football being played in England, the FA cup, the league cup and the carling cup. Add to that the ever physical premiership. It should be taxing. I think this has a say on the current failure of the English teams internationally.

    My issue with La Liga is too much predictability. We do not see the turns and twists associated with the last league games of the season. Boring!

    • Thanks Pieter for the opinion. I held that view for a long time, but seeing that year after year, the average Man U rules makes me think otherwise. And stats support La Liga, unfortunately. As for the reasons why, you could be spot on, but then, pound for pound and match for match, I think Premiership opposition won’t have much chance against any La Liga team. The EPL looks flat at say an imaginary scale of 5, with resources and referees giving other teams an advantage. In La Liga, I think they rank from 9 to 4, those ranking at 6, 5 and for at par with the EPL. It could be how you look at it, but am intrigued by how you think. Thanks.

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