Arsenal play like Barca

I watched Barcelona in their last UEFA Champions League and could not help but think about one article you posted comparing Arsenal’s pressing game with Barca’s free-flow passing attacking style.

What I noted is Barca has one formula of play. No plan B or C. Just keep ball, go through opponent D-zone. The same hammer and push analogy you used to describe Arsenal is exactly what Barca do. They hit & push…no rebuilding.

Only one winger Alves, is used to attack, he mostly cuts in to supply the ball in the D zone, looking for Messi especially. If at all he crosses, it is a low one because Barca have height disadvantages.

To counter that, they put more bodies behind the ball, three midfielders in the D-area and the two centre backs to crowd and close the route.

I would say Arsenal has a variety of attacking options.

1) Through the D-zone via Ramsey/Rosicky setting up RVP or them shooting.

2) wing play from both sides Walcot/Sagna or Gibbs/Chamberlain crossing either for headers or tap in or pulling ball back.

3) quick breaks utilizing pace by Walcot esp.

4) Vision…. Song playing lobs for forward to catch opponent on back foot because they always expect slow build up.

I must say that RVP has scored great volleys from this. Bro, my amateur analysis says if only Arsene could buy quality players his model could make Barca look ordinary.

By Robert Gorbachev Sibanda


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