Pep gone – UEFA’S shameful stance

There was so much eagerness surrounding the status of Pep Guardiola at Barcelona. Now that he is not staying ant further, there will be more interest as to his destination and speculations have been as wild as my possible marriage to Sandra Bullock.

I gave a few lines of the respected UEFA’s stance on suspended players for the Champions League final. With all due respect and humility, the Michel Platini-led revered body are misfiring.

To allow a despicable perpetrator of a horror attack on a fellow professional to be at the presentation of the famous Cup with big ears is distasteful. John Terry abuse his position as a role model more than once in the game.

So many young players have him as a role model. Observing that he can get away with murder is condoning human rights abuse. Taking the case is question in isolation, Terry kneed an innocent Alexis Sanchez when he least needed to do it.

That scene having been played over and over again, should have stood as a ‘DON’T’ in football and for all to see. If he will be on the podium and receive the trophy would be an anti-climax. He should promptly announce his intentions not to avail himself. Otherwise the gods of football are watching and Chelsea will come home empty handed.

On the same lines, as if not ridiculous enough, the UEFA Champions League final will be contested by second tier players who spent the entire campaign as fringe extras. The cream of the teams who threw their bodies on the crossfire and committed themselves risking their careers will watch from the terraces, thanks to the suspensions of yellow cards acquired while trying to parad their skills in the finals.

Noble as the excuse the UEFA gave for non-cancellation of the suspension is, we did not travel so far to watch the fringe players, mostly likely to be sold next season anyway, because of yellow card offences. Of note, Alaba of Bayern Munich was falling when that ball hit his hand. 

At 19, he could have been a shining beacon in a match that could change his career, his life. For now, we will watch his aged replacement who is both second rate and has wasted so many career changing opportunities. Neither did he play a part in taking Bayern to the final, just as an example.

It was always coming, as soon as Barcelona was out. UEFA!! 



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