Should I? Anyway, viva the champions

I am tempted to go the ‘I told you so’ route concerning developments at the La Liga. Those familiar with the blog contents are already nodding in approval but still, if you are uninformed, I will gist you.

At the introduction people in the know will tell you about a post that claimed Barcelona were finished. I went on to explain how Jose Mourinho was the new bull in the kraal.

Much ire from the Catalans faithfuls was drawn by the assertion that their team would lose the league. It sounded like hatred as some put it.

Further observation that the team would either disintegrate or the part ways with their beloved mentor sounded like a man full of new wine.

At this point, Real Madrid are relishing their new found status that has been elusive for a while, to be Spanish champions. It took the special efforts from Mourinho. They could have played better football but no one would have remembered them this season.

Pep Guardiola won about 13 titles with his flamboyant Barcelona team in his tenure, but his elimination from the UEFA Champions League and losing the grip of the championship title that had become a personal property made him throw in the towel.

Surely, as per my prediction, that would happen regardless of the circumstances. The title would not have eluded his adversary for the successive year.

As for the player exodus, it has not yet happened. It may not, now that the coach left, but it was a certainty had it been Guardiola stayed. However, one cannot bet on everyone staying fir the new season.

Like it or not, for a moment, Barca are done. Hopefully, it will be for a few seasons and then they will come and grace our stadia and screens with that silky-touch football. For the moment, they will have to help us congratulate the champions and watch as football is played to learn a thing or two.

All this, I told you well before.


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