It shall be well as Bosso blasts Shabanie 2-0

Highlanders proved their growing from strength to strength will not be halted by novices from small towns. As divine intervention sung by the God-fearing coach, Kelvin Kaindu in his ‘It shall be well’ war-cry, Bosso bulldozed their way past asbestos miners with a comfortable 2-0 victory to maintain an unbeaten run in the Castle Premier League.

A businessman-like Bruce Kangwa performance highlighted a happy afternoon as he became a man of the match with a class act. 

Milton Ncube headed the Bulawayo giants ahead to settle the nerves in the first half. The

commitment of the boys pushed the home-team against the wall as a builder pushes the plaster against the bricks.

Graham Ncube volleyed home a Kangwa cross to seal the deal with a spear of the assassin stab. The ‘men at work’ attitude and secret service ruthless mentality made the team cohesion superior to Shabanie Mine’s intimidation on and off the pitch. 

Kelvin Kaindu’s boys stamped their supreme authority with total confidence and comradeship that will be an envy to many coaches. Revving in top gear from the humble position, Tshilamoya’s intentions were never in question as in their last half dozen missions. 

The dedication and work ethic consistently proved the winning mentality, as the team played with champion-material class. 

As if to prove that Mantengwane needs people who support each other rather than promote the PHD (Pull Him Down) syndrome, that win became a shinning beacon and left a sweet taste in the mouths of jubilation in the fans entering the new era of road-shows of old. 

The hosts did not make it easy for Highlanders, who had to keep their cool and composure to play their usual passing and penetrative game. The hearts of lions made the difference as to who wanted it the most.

One can only hope that the family gets the message that the team and club growth means ‘no more nappies and porridge’. It is high time the club fed on the meat like all lions. 

The time for free peanuts from passers-by should be seeing its last days at Bosso and at this rate, it is destination ‘Africa Champions League’ next season. The club bosses should be thinking big in preparing for the precarious journey of the jungle where we have been lost more than once. 

Lunch boxes will not work and total commitment from the fans and management, as mandatory as it may appear should not be faked. Questions of who is who and their perceived agendas should not be allowed to spoil a good performance. 

My naivety is apparent and completely based on a personal discipline that forbids me to urinate on the street due to the feeling that seven billion people are watching me on the big screen. Thinking that everyone has the same attitude and honesty in dealing with public funds distorts the picture and perception of the potential of the club.

With the undeniable love and support of all who love the club with all their hearts and minds, all people west of the ‘equator’ need to check into rehab straight away to get rid away to negativity addiction especially based on the attitude of  ‘who is he/she?’ 

While the perceived enemy of the club is Dynamos, the truth is that it is the ‘lovers of the club’. Whether deliberate or not, that is another story, but for lack of direct English translation of the verneular, let us buy the deodorant. 

Elsewhere, it was a stalemate between Motor Action and Dynamos, while Hwange blasted Monomotapa by a 5-1 goal margin. Quelaton and Blue Rangers drew 1-1. 

The much-anticipated fixture against Dynamos was rumoured to be penciled for Sunday, but it has been however highlighted that Bosso will be feasting on Chicken Lunch instead. The Harare boys will be wetting their pants at the thought of any league meeting with the wild and untamed team of the moment, team of the nation, Bosso Tshilamoya.


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