The Undertaker takes rest

Let us first give many thanks to Benjani Mwariwaru’s colourful gift of football from his days as a deadly top-scorer in South Africa before he migrated to ply his trade at Auxere in France before leaving for England. 

His successful testimonial match marking the end of his international career was well attended and quite a huge event.

Notable participants included Lucas Radebe, Yakubu, Kanu, Al Haji Diouf, Peter Ndlovu, Fadinga, Chimbonda, and Painstil among others. In that match, Warriors prevailed 7-4 and his 7 year-old son scoring twice after replacing his father.

Besides raising money for his foundation, the significance of the event was more symbolic as a motivation of the young and upcoming footballers.

All football activities grounded to a halt to honour a great talent, one of the most successful players from Southern Africa who scored on his Manchester derby debut after moving from Portsmouth.

He will remain a legend especially at Pompey as he was much loved and he worked for that acknowledgement. All the best to him and his endeavours. 


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