Who is Tshepo Mabalane Mabalane?

After a social media discussion about how the Highlanders Football Club expatriate coach walked to work, a compassionate heart was touched, and Kelvin Kaindu’s problems will be a thing of the past.

It may not have been a problem with him personally, but for a high-profile team meaning to make an impact in the domestic competition and catch the eyes of sponsors, that arrangement did not auger well with the ambitions of the whole set-up.

From a coaching perspective, as a mentor to the players, it is mandatory to ooz confidence and exhibit superior intellect and prosperity in generous proportions. Not that it is all that matters, but knowing all we do about the Zambian former Bosso winger now, no stoned should not be left unturned.

To help the Highlanders family achieve that, Tshepo Mabalane Mabalane chipped in with a BMW 3 Series that the coaches can use, starting August. E-Diski tracked down the man himself to find out who he really was.

Mabalane is a university student in the United Kingdom, doing his Phd. What strikes the most about him, is the humility. After the greetings and thanking him for his gesture, he expressed the undying love for the team and how much he followed and read e-Diski Blog.

“I am completing my Ph.D. in Law. I lost my father during the 1980s ‘genocide’ and therefore experienced some marginalisation of people in many forms where I grew up. It was even more painful even in football.”

He expressed how God blessed his life in a little way financially while in South Africa as his eyes were opened to assist many footballers from Matebeleland. He nursed the young and old under challenging conditions as they put up at his house and he had to feed them.

“I was married but had to keep them, arrange for trials with ABSA PSL teams. Some made it to Mvela League, the national First Division there. This included some guys from Zambia and the DRC.”

When asked bout the gains he made about his actions and that he must have mad fortunes, he expressed the difficulty of trying to get politics out of his way as he fended for the players. “It is just that I can sacrifice as I know that naked came I into this world and naked
I shall return. I never sought any contracts with those I helped, or any form of return.”

“I just told them that if they are successful, they would help someone else, and to be conscious of who they are, and that God always has a reason for who we are. I am not a businessman but an academic who is actually on unpaid leave for 3 years until the completion of my Ph.D.”

Mabalane implored the people’s unity and said how much necessary it was for the club to benefit from people’s diverse location and capabilities. “I believe if an ordinary person like me can lend a ‘skorokoro’, there are many rich and and blessed guys who can do even more.”

Further details entered between the man and the club were left to be a private arrangement to respect his person and the operation of the club, and any information ripe for public consumption would be delivered on http://www.tsendex.wordpress.comin due course.
He has been in touch with club Secretary General about the vehicle which will be shipped from the United Kingdom soon.

Mabalane went on length to give the details of the players he helped and their contacts, the subject of which we decided to leave it out of the picture for numerous reasons. What a man. Thanks Mabalane.


5 comments on “Who is Tshepo Mabalane Mabalane?

  1. If all members and supporters could have the same heart,our team will be the best.There is nothing which can beat unity,love and passion for what one does

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