A look at the English Premier League.

I will not waste energy on the Paris Saint German’s claimed £120 million bid for Wayne Rooney, nor the Robin van Persie’s confirmed extended stay a sterile Arsenal. Rather, I will dwell on a rather bizarre deal Liverpool intend to make.

The Merseyside team were a laughing stoke a few months back. The man who took them out of that mud was sacked. Funny enough they have had a series of interviews with a chain of known and unknown coaches.

Not that I am bitter they are still to come to me, but surely, if Kenny Daglish’s antics were not good enough after winning the Carling Cup and reaching the FA Cup final. What do you go to Liverpool to do?

Many thought King Kenny should have done more after spending quite a few millions on players, but frankly, the core of that team is ancient, having been assembled by Rafa Benitez and Roy Hodgson.

The almost certain arrival of Brendan Rodgers is an interesting one. For once,they approached the man and he refused. They had a series of meeting with some of us and it was all fruitless. They revisited their options with fat-cheque packages and surely, they cannot go wrong with money.

The thing is that, Rodgers plays flowing sleek football. Liverpool do not have the material for his brand. The modern coach may have arm-twisted the ambitions of the under-performing Anfield side to bring in the likes of Sinclair to the Kop.

If Swansea will let go their manager, they have to hold on to their assets like Dyer. Does that mean the American owners will flash a cheque book to the many fancy youngsters like Papiss Cisse of Newcastle United? Time will tell.

 All we are saying, is that Rodgers is as good as a taxi-driver with that lot Daglish was working with. It is not that there were bad players either. They were the best under the tutelage of King Kenny. Now that the goalpost have shifted, so should be the field of play. We are heading for interesting times ahead.


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