I was just saying

I was just saying

The last post about how damaging the so-called supporters of Highlanders can be, given how much
negativity can chew up a society of the elite club lovers, has been well-received by many and seen as arrogant and vague by the few. I will not be apologising soon and you will be in for a few more truths, probably hurtful ones too.

I will cut across the plain. Bosso is known by you and me. Adidas, Puma, Nike and Reebok have no clue the club exist. Therefore, as a brand, all the club is, is a nonentity, albeit with potential, but again, that potential is just you and me.

Spanish and Chinese citizens will never affect or be affected by what may become the club even if it wins the Africa Champions League or the Fifa Club World Cup.

Doing business in those countries and marketing the club there has obvious dire consequences. Implications include cross-border business permits and shipment of goods and materials cost extra depending on the form of freight. Time factors make the whole concept cantankerous.

Signing a document tomorrow to lease the name of Highlanders means that I will register my sports brand, say TseSports in the morning and produce replica jerseys in the noon.

Bosso will don a cool new kit by weekend and with the purple patch the tea is enjoying, the stadium will have 40000 fans on Sunday, all in new replica jerseys. Do the mathematics of the profit margins of 35% and split that between TseSports and the club.

The fans in the stadium will buy their girlfriend team branded bras, their toddler children socks and their homes calenders. The proportional growth of the team and club will increase the fan base as jackets and raincoats will bear the club logo.

The worry of payments even from those outside the borders will be a worry of the businessman hunting for business. As a matter of urgency, shipped to anyone the world over will be a piece of cake.

With that project, all membership applications would be handled electronically at the click of a button and on mobile devices. It may already sound like growth, but that is the seeding process.

The numbers growth would then mark the potential of the club. It is the numbers that attract Adidas and company. The activity and cash coming and going out symbolise worthiness and tantalises onlookers band by-standers alike.

There is no problem courting the traditional big names, even though it is a public secret that they will always chase big clubs and countries. If they dumped Liverpool, it gives you a clue. All these larger-than-life brands pay teams donning their kits and it will be a long-while for that to happen, maybe centuries.

So many ways can be followed in utilising what the club is. At this point, it could be a political tool as we have seen how simple it is with Kenya’s Harambee Stars of old and the Zambia’s KK11.

Striking the sympathy note and the wearing the ‘have mercy face’ has no room in today’s football. You would expect Highlanders results to affect the economy and even exchange rates. Why does it have to be Dynamos first for everyone to think the idea is cool?

Talking of that club, they are reported to have struck a good deal to rent the Rufaro Stadium on a lengthy lease in a move that will see them save around 20% of their gross gate-takings. Assuming that is true, Bosso are taking notes, actually photocopying the idea.

With due respect, that makes one sick to the bone. The pioneering spirit of the people cannot be allowed to be engulfed by the superiority complex that the Mthwakazians are less equal.

That DNA of pride matches the stunted attitude of the region even in a political way. While openly and visibly defiant, there is complete and total submission to be dominated.

That domination-submission relationship transcended from a political situation into football, unfortunately, and expecting the suppressor to be the hero of liberating the oppressed boggles my mind.

The latest issue brought up was that of the coach walking to work. Indeed, he never is said he wanted the car or asked anyone about having one. I can almost guarantee that he was content. As well as that might have been with him, where is a true sense of belonging, if our dear servant’s working conditions do not auger well with our expectation?

From a professional approach, the way we claim to be, it must be accepted as an oversight besides the fact that the club has no funds for such a project. To many, the Executive Committee running the affairs of the club is supposed to run around hunting for such.

Personally, I have known those positions to be too taxing and I proposed the association of former players to be tasked with non-core club issues such as these. They need the club mandate to raise funds in the name of the club for the welfare of players and workers, present and former.

The situation brought back exactly what will remain our retardedness, as to who was Kaindu to be given a car. It never crosses the mind that it is not about Kaindu. It is about a Highlanders coach, winning or not. We should go past that very small mentality and grow socially and morally.

Can’t we make our own heroes, our own club, football, brands and Bosso? Barcelona belongs and is run by Barcelonians and so should be Bossolona by Bossolonians. Will we ever grow? Well, just asking.


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