Pitso won’t let the sleeping dogs lie

Let’s take interest in very interesting developments in South Africa where the national association fired a coach with a handsome handshake claimed to be around R5 million, his potential predecessors have been wildly drawn up as caretaker coach Steve Khompela and Moroka Swallows’ Gordon Igesund.

And then, Rahman Gumbo was also caretaker coach after the suspension of alleged match fixing by Norman Mapeza. Unlike Pitso Mosimane of South Africa who went a winless 7 matches, the Zimbabwean coach is still to be hired and had been in charge of one match which he lost 0-1. Harare fans want him fired already.

If all women fired their husbands for being sterile after a single entry, divorce courts who be the most lucrative business. Taking the case of the two countries, theirs was a bachelor’s party. Their one and only will be walking in the aisle in no time. How holy that matrimonial union will be is common knowledge. They all come and end the same way, like in Gumbo’s case, before the honeymoon night is over.

Roger de Sa is the most qualified replacement for Mosimane, while media favourite, Gavin Hunt may feel he has a case after successes with Supersport United. He will have to enjoy following on Mosimane’s foot-steps as he did at club level.

Knowing the South African Football Association, they have a novice Eastern European with a forged CV lined up. Their counterparts may be attempting to change their favourite beacon’s name so as not to match the banned list records. The colonial mentality of SAFA embedded in race rivals the tribalistic ZIFA. The best part is that their recipes produce the same bread.

The long cycles of inactivity will be a bore to Hunt and Igesund and the ‘tell it like it is’ attitude of De Sa counts him out as the two parties are unofficial enemies. Admittedly, the temptation in the four-time PSL champion will be strong. Igesund is in his twilight coaching years. There may never be another opportunity, but his project with Moroka Swallows is unlikely to be compromised.

It is extremely hard trying to comprehend what the football administrators think, if they do. There is rarely a moment they pick the right candidates, even just for interviews. Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs promoted either development coaches or those with CVs claimed to be doctored for the purse. The arrival to the same point is guaranteed and the cycle will begin.

To spice up how brainy these fellows can be, just over a year ago, the Premier Leagues of the two countries announced with days that they intended to change their calenders and for exactly the opposite reasons. If the neighbours belonged to different time and weather zones, it would make sense. To make the point clear, to date, they both haven’t moved an inch.

In any case, it was all about Mosimane, who is said to be taking legal action against SAFA for his unlawful dismissal.It may be on strong moral grounds or just crocodile tears, if the R5 million claimed he stands to benefit is a reality. If he strongly feels that way regardless of the fee he may get, he is a strong man and SAFA must keep him.

It is not every day that a man who knows what he is doing will fore-go that much money to embarrass himself. On the other hand, it is easy to assume that Mosimane did not put much effort in the job knowing what he stood to benefit. The legal action issue is to mud our faces and divert our thinking that he is a bitter man.

Given that he had two years left on his contract, or R9.6 million more to earn, he may be looking to get his loot, intact as it is and right now. It may be real that he is arguing over his record and it doesn’t say much really.

After all is said and done, if anyone comes in touch with him, and he has banked the sack, just remind him how I wrote nicely about him over his tenure. I may not need my day job after that.


4 comments on “Pitso won’t let the sleeping dogs lie

  1. Coach, these guys have smelt the coffee. Shortlisted are the three you spoke about, plus Neil Tovey and Shakes Mashaba, minus De Sa. I am sorry but the two countries’ issues are similar. There are administrators who try and make and make ”football” decisions. The composition of the SA technical committe has decision making people being non football persons. How is one able to interview and hire a pilot when they have never been trained as a pilot before? I heard the other day in my other country that these fat guys who when the national team is training, they come in their big cars and watch through the wind screen were voting on who should be the coach between Madinda and Mapeza. Come on! This is so 90s to say the list. What happened to tangible evidence? CV, experience, previous success rate, recommendations from fellow pros and so on and so fourth. You are right, these two cousins are crazy. No wonder they share the same stupid silo mentality. In SA, football today is split between the Football Transformation, who are the guys in power. The ”opposition” is the Irvin Khoza camp. This camp will do anything to distabilise the one in power, the failure of the national team being one of the things. Recall Sphiwe Shabalala being withdrawn from the squad at the airport? Now the retirement of Slim kat. In Zim, it is the Asiagate group versus the incumbent office bearers. Because Asiagate did not sweep correctly, there are still people in Zifa house whose sole mandate now is to destabilise Zifa. Again, the aim is to frustrate the national team and then the fans, genuine ones, not the hired crowd like the one on Sunday, would then call for changes. Where in the world have you seen such self destructors who go to the extent of locking their own team out of a pre arranged training venue? In any society, that will be tantamount to treason. Mozambique must be smilling because half their work has been done. As for SAFA, I wish Gordon, the master tactician all the best. The rest of the guys, their chances are coming. Besides, Bafana goes through a coach after every 15 months on average. So, they must not despair!

    • Thanks for bringing the battles of the titans in. How does Jordan feature in the SAFA soapie? Does this end with one camping coming into power and being destabilised by the challengers, or it is hoped that Igesund will comen and silence all and sundry with a home-soil win? As for the Zimbos, they need to have a team from Matebeland playing all away matches with a Southern coach and keep the Harare arrangement intact. The tribalism will be comfortable in that arrangement.

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