Euro 2012; Enter Mario, Exit Torres.

It’s official. Enter Italy and exit Spain. Spain can beat Italy in the final if they want, but they are said to be boring by mainstream international media. This information is actually 18 months in arrears. They should have realised Barcelona were faded when we said it. Barcelona is Spain. What we did not see coming was Andreas Pirlo. By the same window, exit Xavi Hernandez.

The Euro 2012 finals get to fold on Sunday after England surpassed many people’s expectations and drew criticism from within of Roy Hodgson’s tactics, as if Harry Redknapp could have done better. The English were undone by the ever overrated pair of Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard. They could have done better without the duo.

It must be said that the Spain versus Portugal semi-final resembled a Barca against Real Madrid El Classico clash given the predictable tension and void tactics. The embarrasing amateur mistake by the Portuguese coach of leaving the best for last stole the show.

How noble it would have been for Cristiano Ronaldo to score the final and winning penalty. As he never lived to see the moment, all were reminded of always putting one’s best foot forward. The least he could have done, was to let the showman take the 3rd one.

Generally, the tourney put paid my fears I wrote about in one of my last articles; that international football is becoming extinct. Save for the few matches of smaller football nations and the Italy versus Germany semi-final, the Euro 2012 was a cold siesta.

For starters, how does any teams in the universe, boasting of Wesley Sneider, Robin van Pierse, Rafael van der Vaart, van Bommel and Nigel de Jong, to name but a few, fail to win or draw a single match?

National team football needs young and upcoming players of great ambitions. The overpaid experienced professional will keep wasting a lot of our time and money. One can only hope that Spain have seen their last victory in the tournament. As much I am not an Italian fan, it is a choice between a right-handed and left-handed devil.


2 comments on “Euro 2012; Enter Mario, Exit Torres.

  1. By the way , yu seem to b against spain if yu ar nt an italian fan , coz spain have played their way to the final ,,plz mr author check your topic first bfore acting az a good samaritan

    • I think I have no choice but to love them now. They are a good model for thegame and children but for their possession, they should be giving us more returns. You cannot keep the ball forever and fail to score. I think the final was what I am trying to say.

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