Bosso fan pours out heart

Ola my bra. I was in Zim for a week. I took time to watch the game against Harare City and to go to club house and paid my donation for first 9 home games to make total of 10 home games.

I now owe for 5 games upto season end. I must say I enjoyed the game though there was some violence at the end of the match. 

To be frank, I did not see what I used to read in the papers. A lot still needs to be done. Possession was lost willy nilly. Maybe the rumours about non-payment of winning bonuses were true.

Ndoda, when I went to head office, I was greated with no electricity. I asked if it was the whole town, but I was told frankly that it was only our house with no power.

I tried finding out how much was owed but I did not get the answer. My bra, it looks like there are problems ekhaya and abadala kabakhulumi.

We need to act as fans. If all of us away can donate for all home games, it can help. Let us act on this. People read your articles. Pliz, push more guys to come along and we support the team. We might lose all we have gained.

The 3 draws in a row are a proof. Aluta continua. (Anonymous).

Let us talk ladies and gentlemen.


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