Gate takings breakdown

20% BCC, 15% VAT, 6% PSL, 3% ZIFA, 3% SRC, all this from gross earnings, meaning 47% is taken by these institutions. ZRP charges a certain amount for each officer, including their commanders who will be
sitting at home or at their farms. The number of police details is determined by ZRP and in this game had to be increased due to the size of the expected crowd as well as the precedent of violence in our previous home match. Payment also goes to the security company that provide Cash in Transit services.
By Sbue Sibanda


3 comments on “Gate takings breakdown

  1. For me, I undrstand the figures as most people must learn to accept the business concept of everything in life. The profit margins of over 30% in any operation should be regarded as good. At over 40%, it is excellent. What people must aim for, is making 40% of $100 000 or more, and not just $45 000. It is all about numbers and all those who participated, THANK YOU….. We can only hope for better rates, but whenever that is not posible, let 40 000 people pay for the matches week in and week out.

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