Banda might rejoin Bosso

Former Highlanders’ skipper and former Warriors’ defender, Gilbert Banda, might rejoin his former club.

Banda was signed by Rahman Gumbo but struggled to impose himself at FC Platinum.

“I am in Bulawayo and I am still deciding on which club to join but I am going to approach Highlanders so that I can rejoin them,” said the former Bosso skipper.

Before joining FC Platinum, Banda, had been with Bosso for the past decade and has been nothing but inspirational.

Banda joined FC Platinum as it embarked on its African Safari after coming second in its maiden season in the Premier Soccer League.

While some of the club’s supporters were riled by Banda’s move, most supporters interviewed said they will welcome him back but it will now depends on whether he can fit in Kelvin Kaindu’s trailblazing team.

Patrick Ndlovu one of the Bosso fans said: “personally I would welcome him, wasuka kuhle uGidza, he even ‘donated’ wat we owed him bak to the club but it now depends on whether KK really needs him.”

Banda together with Matawu donated whatever Bosso owed them in salary arrears back to the club. Banda himself said the club had also done so much for him to be where he is today and so wished to give whatever he could in return prior to his departure By Sbue sibanda ,


2 comments on “Banda might rejoin Bosso

  1. It all depends on the coach realy. The executive, players and supporters might want him back but the buck starts and stops with the coach. He is still a good player who add value and experience to the backline. His game is tailor made for Bosso. He is a ball playing central defender who likes playing out of defense and this will only enhance our passing game. Mapuranga and Mudzingwa are so tight, throw Gidza into the mix, we will have a strong defense. The league is a marathon, injuries, suspensions and loss of form will inevitable happen and with a bigger pool of players (defenders in this case), we stand a giood chance of winnning the league. KK, please sign him. It shall be well !!!

    • I think you are right Mfundi, and KK will not let him go to waste for sure. What I am not sure of, is the monetary implications as far as the miners are concerned.

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