Bosso mid term meeting,

Bosso Mid Term Review Summary
1. Club will seek to acquire a striker & midfielder. Nothing on Gilbet Banda. 2. Hooliganism was condemned and rightly so.
3. Beer Hall operations to commence soon.
4. The replicas deal is being handled by BancABC & Adidas Capetown. However don’t expect anything soon.
5. All players have long running contracts except Simon Munawa’s expires in December
6. Concern over Juniors being snapped up willy nilly by Bantu, Ajax & Chicken Inn. Chairman said parents were deciding… By Sbue


One comment on “Bosso mid term meeting,

  1. Youths with long standing contracts must be guarded jealously. There has to be a body, even if it means THE LEGENDS, that should oversea the relationships of these youngsters’ parents and the club.

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