Ajax Not poaching Bosso players ,

Ajax Hotspurs Football Club read with dismay in today’s Chronicle paper that the club is poaching Highlander’s junior players.

At Ajax we don’t poach players but we develop players.

The Highlanders member who raised the issue should be properly advised that Michael “Dabuka” Zulu is an Ajax Hotspurs not Highlanders Junior who crossed the floor in 2010 after spending 4 years on the developmental structures of Ajax Hotspurs School of Excellence. Instead Sibanda should have asked the Executive in 2010 where they got such a good player from lol.

However Ajax Hotspurs would like to advise Sibanda that Ajax Hotspurs has a good working relationship with Highlanders Football Club hence it is VERY TRUE that Dabuka and Norman Zimba are training with Ajax Hotspurs and we had engaged Highlanders on the possibility of taking on board the two players of which we had on mind a loan deal even if Dabuka is our product whom we are entitled to developmental fees if we decide to go through that route Mr Sibanda.

Norman Zimba is a true Highlanders junior. We have had such arrangements with Highlanders before with Ozias Zibande an immediate example as he spent two years on our developmental structures before going back to Highlanders.

Our relationship with Highlanders will continue as has been the case but members like Sibanda need to be properly informed before rushing to press with unfounded statements that are bend on straining relations between clubs.

By sbue


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