The chairman speaks

The Chairman speaks:”We have come so close …we keep on getting closer to the title. Let us not lose it for ourselves off the pitch through hooliganism. The soccer laws are clear about untoward behaviour off the field by fans. May our true Highlanders sons and daughters desist from throwing missles when calls don’t go our way. We go all out to bring joy to the nation. When Highlanders do well it makes people happy throughout the country and even beyond borders, so let us play to win, win with grace and be good losers on the field too.

Hooliganism could only add to the woes of the cash-strapped club as they would remain poorer when fined for such offences.” I trust people will come in big numbers and once again make soocer the winner and the family event that it has always been by behaving themselves. We would like to see a atmosphere welcoming even for children and women.

Peter Dube
By Sbue


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