Bosso Gross $104,000

$104 445 was collected at the turnstiles on Sunday when Bosso took on Dynamos. 25 957 people paid to watch the epic clash which ended in a 1-1 draw. This was the biggest crowd that the league has
recorded in the first half of the season. Service providers gobbled most of the funds leaving the financially stricken club with only $40 500.
BCC took their share of $20 885 with security that is the police and private company gobbling $9 800 while the PSL got $9 200 including Zifa’s $1 044.
The Sport and Recreation Commission’s six
percent saw the governing body’s share of the pie
being $6 200
By Sbue,


2 comments on “Bosso Gross $104,000

  1. Ja neh. Why vele doesn’t the city council have a flat fee instead of percentage because they are not stockholders just a service provider

  2. bosso 4 lyf, the team has some depth but they neeed to strengthen their squad so as to conquer africa.

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