Call me The only one not the special One

(From other sources) Jose Mourinho believes he should be labelled the “Only one” instead of the “Special One”, after becoming the only coach to win the so-called top three European Leagues.

Speaking to Portuguese television channel SIC on Monday, Mourinho explained that as his managerial career has progressed, he has become less selfish and less focused on individual goals.

“Things have been going well for me, thank God. I am focused on others much more these days. The pleasure of winning with Inter Milan was seeing a club, which had not won for 50 years, winning again.

That is what entices me more and more, instead of pursuing individual goals.” He said.

He won La Liga last season with current club Real Madrid, he won Serie A twice with Inter, the Premier League twice with Chelsea and the Portuguese Liga twice with Porto. On top of all that, he also won the Champions League with both Porto and Inter.

“Like me or not, I am the only one who won the world’s three most important leagues. So, maybe instead of the ‘Special One’, people should start calling me the ‘Only One’,” Mourinho said in an interview that aired on Monday.

The Real Madrid boss was nicknamed “The Special One” during his time in England after calling himself just that during a press conference following his switch from Porto to the Blues in 2004.

Real Madrid kick off the new campaign with a clash against Valencia this weekend. By Sbue


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