Highlanders Amahlolanyama FC Membership cards more details unveiled

Pursuant to perpetual requests and enquiries, from Highlanders FC’s plethora of diasporan fans regarding membership cards availability and cost structure, the official South African based representatives of Bosso working closely with the current Bosso administration have sent us the article below.

1) Lathi singabantu, we can do things ourselves. Membership for the diaspora supporters, available primarily from South Africa, but, to be extended to cover the global Bosso fans, has been split into four categories. It is worth emphasising from the onset that all revenue generated from membership subscriptions, net of costs incurred, are solely for the benefit of Highlanders FC, in toto.

2) The first category (Platinum membership) will be for life members only. Platinum (Life) membership grants such members the right to vote in any Bosso elections , allows members to stand for office in any capacity through an election. A life member becomes a member for the duration of such member’s life.

3) The second category (Gold) is the ordinary annual membership which grants such member the right to vote at any Bosso election, entitles such member the right to stand for election , among other numerous benefits. Such membership is renewable annually.

4) The third category (Silver) is for all and sundry, is for all other Bosso supporters who want to be recognised as official card-carrying supporters. This category grants such member the right to organise Bosso related activities in association with relevant authorities, organise fund raising activities, initiate ideas for the development of the Bosso brand , inter alia. But does not allow such a member to stand for office or to vote at an annual general meeting. This is a card designed for the multitude of Bosso supporters out there who want to show that they are not just Bosso supporters by empty words but have documentary proof of such membership. Through this category of membership, Highlanders FC seeks to monetise, i.e. turn its huge support base into capital that can be used to develop and further the programmes of the team.

5) Then there is a separate category of membership for corporates called Corporate Membership. This membership is renewable annually and is specifically for corporations or business entities that want to be corporate members of the Bosso brand. Such corporate members can participate on all Bosso related events. They are free to erect their banners and flags at Bosso business or social events. Such corporate members can also get preferential rates should they wish to advertise at Bosso games. As part of their social and community responsibility, companies can state in their financial statements or corporate brochures or adverts that they are corporate members of Highlanders FC.

Membership will also benefit you as follows:
6) Every card-carrying member automatically qualifies as a member of the newly formed Highlanders Business Council (HBC). The HBC seeks to pool together the business and professional expertise of Bosso supporters. Once pooled together, this expertise will be monitised and leveraged into capital. How so? Within the plethora of Bosso supporters, are some of the most sought after global business leaders. There are captains of industry and commerce within the Bosso support base. The HBC seeks to leverage on these resources so that younger Bosso fans could benefit from direct interactions with Bosso supporters who are CEOs or MDs of listed companies.

7) While on this, top Eskom executive, Dr Stanley Mgobansimbi Mpofu (former Highlanders Juniors coach and fitness trainer who is credited with having discovered the likes of Peter Ndlovu, Ben Konjera through his development programme) has offered to address the very first HBC event. These are some of the examples of how we intend to monitise and capitalise the infinity Bosso supporters into value. It is high time Bosso supporters begin to benefit from their combined resources. We will also, on behalf of members, negotiate with the famous Amahlolanyama Golf Club whose members include a number of CEOs of JSE listed companies to also avail their expertise to younger Bosso members through business networking.

8) A loan facility is being negotiated with a leading financial services provider specifically tailor-made to suit Bosso members, particularly younger supporters who want to start their own small businesses. By way of a simple example, consider a young recently qualified motor mechanic supporter of Bosso who wants to open his own workshop to start a vehicles repair business, this loan facility would cater for such start-up businesses. The logistics and finer details are being finalised in this regard.

9) There is a planned funeral cover scheme that is being negotiated with a service provider, once finalised, members will be updated accordingly.

10) The HBC will be conducting business seminars for members and will develop a system of mentorship whereby those who are leaders in their businesses, entrepreneurs, Chairmen, CEOs and MDs of big corporations will be challenged to provide mentorship to younger Bosso supporters. For the first time, we intend to bridge the gap between leading Bosso supporters who are in successful businesses with those who aspire to do likewise.

11) The key thing will be busIness networking opportunities. As can be seen, this is not charity. This is about Bosso members saying, “Lathi singabantu” We can do things for ourselves. Just level the playing fields by making opportunities In this way, mentorship programmes can be enhanced and young people can get a sense of belonging which could translate into goodwill to the Bosso brand.

12) Bosso members are welcome to come up with new initiaves, new ideas and fund raising ventures that can add value to the Bosso brand

13) Booysens Hotel has already offered to host Bosso members every Saturday. This will be a centre for those visiting from abroad or from Zim to meet and interact with SA based Bosso supporting members. Bosso supporters who want to participate and be part orgonisers of these activities should kindly indicate their willingness to do so.

Consequently, the membership subscriptions for various categories are as follows: 14) Silver membership (see 4 above) costs R200 15) Gold membership (see 3 above) costs R1000 16) Platinum (Life) (see 2 above) membership costs R3000

Now for all your membership needs, contact the following:
Shop G100A , Entrance 3
Fourways Shopping Mall
Corner, William Nicol drive and Witkoppen Street
Contact Mr Alexander Maseko @ 082 630 8002

Those in Midrand, Johannesburg , Pretoria , Centurion, Yeoville, Berea , Braamfontein, Rosebank, etc etc, contact your sales representative Ms Londiwe Ndlovu @ 071 034 4735. Those who are outside Johannesburg or ouside South Africa and want their membership cards couriered to them can also contact Ms Londiwe Ndlovu via her e-mail londie_gal@yahoo.com to make arrangement for their electronic transfer payments.

Another designated distributor, ForexWorld in Sandton is finalising the details and should be ready sooner. By Sbue ,


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