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Nicholas Munyonga-Sports Dr, Barry Daka-International Coach, Haverson Masilela-Women Football Pioneer (RIP), Keutsepilemang Ndebele-Coach, Instructor, Founder KFA, Siphatho Ncube-Coach, Administrator, Isaac Mbedzi, Coach, Founder First Sports Mobile Academy (Canada), Enerst Mpala-Coach, Legend.


My name is Keutsepilemang Ndebele. I am a Professional Football Coach and Football Coaches Instructor, holding an international Advanced Diploma of Foreign Coaches and Trainers on Brazilian Football obtained from Brazil, of course, and an Instructor FIFA/IOC Solidarity Committee qualification, among others. I was Technical Advisor of Highlanders Football Club, the biggest football team in Zimbabwe, coached and managed Premier League, First and Second Division teams and pioneered a Football Academy in Zimbabwe, Africa, Keut Football Academy. I write and discuss anything football.

The Diski Blog supplies news, stories, opinions, comments, pictures, videos and more. It is the endevour of this platform to provide as accurate information as possible, within acceptable societal norms and language and content, as provided by you anytime. This will provide the information about the history of the game, current affairs, the direction of football, coaching tips, laws of the game, game analysis, predictions and enjoyment. Suggestions and opinions to improve content and general outlook are always welcome.

The Blogger is no journalist and does not intend to be, and wishes to clearly state that use of the  information from the blog to make real life decision is at the reader risk. Stories are not professionally written or reasearched, and are purely personal opinions.

I will assure you that all technical information on this Blog, is information you will not find anywhere else.

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18 comments on “The Blogger

  1. It was a dream you had, and we had a great project, am glad you shared it with me and we rolled. I shared a platform with you we were crazy about soccer from our Goromonzi days. Remember that you wrote out my first training session for Highlanders Royals in 1996 and I only attended a coaching course in 1999 and the things I had learnt from you were more than the courses could teach me. Working with Barry Daka – the wealth of football knowledge in that old man, i have purposed in my heart that come what may I will get funds and get the old man and work with him using the curriculum they used at the Bulawayo City council youth clubs which was the pride of Bulawayo which produced all the great players you can think of from highlanders, caps united, dynamos, zim saints, eagles etc.

    One of these coming months i will follow the dream.

    • Eish Mzala. You make me blush kancane baba, yoo. I overloved football, it almost killed me. That is why I retired. You make me feel like coming back to the game. What amases me upto now, is, I can sit where I am right now and write a coaching manual. Particularly about you Siphatho, do you remember us watching Sable de Batie sitting at EDGARS? Our beloved BOSSO was 3-0 up? Not as a curse but observation, that we will not survive if they are playing according to plan?

      I still have a desire to ask that coach about his general philosophy to ascertain if that was a fluke or not. Can somebody help me with his name? Anyway, that is how easy football comes out when you are so much in.

      Barry Daka is an incredibly amazing wealth of the game. The moment we started working for Railstars FC, we knew bazokhala. When I left, uTopi broke down. What a man to work with. He did not have luck of big moments. The best of luck with him.

      I wish you all the best with the Youth Centre project. One day, I will have lots of money. I will give some of it for those projects. The football fraternity must feel proud for the selfless work you did for the Royals.

  2. The good old days are now like an unbelievable movie playing right in one’s mind. Lets not dwell on those madoda, we are still young enough to do marvelous things wherever we are! Mina Tse I have always thought we are good as a group with individual strengths so get the guys together in some forum and meet and map! They say we lost peolpe to the diaspora but for me its like being in Beitbridge or Plumtree.. we can still meet those near us and have a small caucus discuss and build izinto zeDiski!

    Are there coaches out there eMzansi willing to meet up in August senze something besides abantu beZifa? We always did and it made our Province iBulawayo an amazing place producing young quallified top notch coaches in a very short space of time!

    Miss our times mafana!

  3. It will top my list to arrange to meet. It’s hard to imagine what may have been. I hope we will find those guys who are still in it, those who entered later and the aspiring. I will also be trying to get most of you guys to bring your projects and activities forward so we will be able to follow each other. I have been the laziest of coaches, to be honest, but I’LL BE BACK!

    Do you remember how we changed the way things were done in the headquarters of football?

  4. I need to express my gratitude and elation at seeing you in Johannesburg! Driving around in your immaculate C class in Hillbrow showed me the unbelievable power and influence of FOOTBALL goes beyond the field of play, for, as my friends always said if it had been 3 or 4 years ago ngabe bayicela oguruva but now the place is safe and beautiful with our brothers and sisters are having a ball out there!

    Ndex I loved the things we spoke about, kids, footy, footy, footy and more footy! Yes we can !

    “The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal,
    you can get there if you’re willing to work”
    Oprah Winfrey

    See you soon my friend and brother!


    • Bongani, it was such a pleasure catching up and reliving the years for a moment. There wasn’t enough time to talk about everything but I enjoyed it. I made sure to drive 2 hours to Jozi from Mpumalanga and it was really worth it.

      About the car and Hillbrow, thanks for the complement for a luxurious indulgence. I’m addicted to the brand. I was a little known in those areas a few years back but of course the demorgraphics have changed tremendously. I am glad you are still glued to the game of football and the sky is not even the limit Mafax, keep it up.

  5. I am happy you pursued your passion Keutse. Being in consultancy, i could use you as a case study of someone who went straight for his dream. Lets see it growing. Who knows, one day we will be going crazy watching our Warriors in the World Cup under the tutelage of Keutse.
    U ya rager boss!

    • Sure baba, thanks very much for your visit and comments. I will surely coach in the World Cup, maybe England. I tried to run away from the sport but it’s tracking me down.

  6. I remember in 1988 when we at John Tallach preparing to play a cup final against Tallach or Radasi, you gave the team a pep talk on tactics. We used the black board in one of the classrooms. Already then i knew that this was a football coach in the making. You are like Mourinho in many ways, your history as a player is unknown, but your achievements have certainly surpassed some of the great players of the past. I am proud to have shared times with you on the soccer field of John Tallach and i can attest to your passion for the beautiful game.

    • Thanks ever so much baba. I remember the day and the moment you talk about. I am actually surprised you do. If only the times allowed us to be ourselves, we could have played professionally. It was a pleasure being there with you and I think you would have been a great example with your commitment to the job at hand. Once more, thanks mate.

      • How is your academy doing and where is it based? Let me know so that i can see how i can contribute towards football in my own small way. Some of us who know you and where your journey started will recall the days of “Thunder” – a striker who packed a mean shot and also a goal keeper of note.
        I enjoy the manner in which your blog stimulates opinions. is is very useful & insightful.

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